Amal Partisans Reportedly Attacked Rival Electoral List In South Lebanon (Videos)


Partisans of the Amal Movement intercepted on Saturday members of a rival electoral list in the South II district in the region of Sarafand, using violent acts as a means of intimidation for the rival political group to back off.

Videos of the aggressions went viral, pointing to the interference of Amal partisans in the democratic process of elections which entitles any and all citizens to run in their district for parliamentary seats.

Scenes shown in the videos include a young man being beaten up, and Amal partisans shooting in the presence of the Lebanese Army.

The partisans also blocked the road to stop the members of the alternative group from gathering and announcing their electoral list and program.

Amal partisans apparently deem that district theirs and refuse any civil opposition, whatever democratic.

Following these incidents, Amal Movement’s press issued a statement denying its responsibility and called on the security forces to address the matter.

The alternative group did not hesitate to voice out their anger.

In a statement published after the attack, the “Together for Change” list denounced the “repressive and aggressive action” against its members, and the blocking of southern Lebanon from having alternatives to confront the “corrupt powers.”

The group also condemned the security forces that were also responsible for not protecting them from violent acts.

Despite the violent intimidation and aggression, the group has no intent to back down as they announced in a statement:

“The List of Together for Change confirms that it will re-launch its list in the south and calls all free Lebanese people to participate in the launch of our list,” stressing that “the battle is basically a political battle starting from the south.”

The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE) also warned that this incident represents a threat to the safety of candidates.

The parliamentary elections, long-awaited for a change the Lebanese people are aching for, are edging close. These elections will be different from the previous ones as the traditional ruling parties, including Amal, are facing new and determined rivals from the people.

The Lebanese people are holding these long-ruling parties responsible for the catastrophic situation Lebanon has reached.

Territorial oppressions by parties, as observed in this recent aggression, are one of the issues the people of free will want to change.

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Amal Partisans Reportedly Attacked Rival Electoral List In South Lebanon (Videos)

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