Amal Is Reportedly Withdrawing From Israeli War

Ahwal Media

According to ICI Beyrouth, a southern deputy stated to his visitors that the fighters of the Amal Movement withdrew from the war on the Southern borders.

The withdrawal, according to the source, occurred after clashes between Israel and Hezbollah escalated in a direction deemed unacceptable by the movement, potentially leading to a comprehensive war and increased damages.

The deputy explained, “that such confrontations escalate tensions and contribute to furthering the conflict, ultimately exacerbating the destruction and damage”.

The source affirmed that President Nabih Berri stated on the first day of the Al-Aqsa flood that the movement would stand at the forefront in defending Lebanon and the South against any Israeli invasion or attack.

Emphasizing the vigilance of “Amal” in defense battles, the source maintained their commitment to safeguarding Lebanon’s interests.

Since the eruption of the Gaza war in October, almost daily clashes have occurred along the Lebanon-Israel border between Hezbollah and the Israeli army. Numerous homes and properties have been destroyed.

A compensation plan has been proposed that outlines $20,000 for the families of the deceased and $40,000 for every destroyed residential unit.

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