13 Burger Places You Must Try With Your Friends In Lebanon

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Let’s talk about burgers, the best cheat meal to guiltlessly indulge in.

Other than our traditional food, Lebanon is also renowned for having numerous restaurants serving international cuisines, especially fast food.

Burgers have always been popular on the Lebanese food scene, and these 13 exquisite burger places are a must-try in Lebanon.

#1 The Bros

The Bros is the perfect place to share mouthwatering burgers with friends. The place is in Mar Mikhael in Beirut and it has some edgy/street style vibes.

#2 Graze

Too lazy to go out but craving a burger at the same time? Then check out the Graze menu for an appetizing burger to order. Located in Beirut, this place only delivers burgers or provides takeaways.

It also serves a vegetarian burger, which is a falafel one and is kind of unique.

#3 Smoking Bun

Found in two locations: Mar Mikhael and in Jisr El Wati in Sin El Fil, Smoking Bun serves tasty burgers in an ambiance that is quite minimalistic yet cozy enough to chill for a quick bite!

#4 Lettuce Meat

Lettuce Meat is all about tasty burgers with soft buns. This restaurant is located in Mar Mikhael and Jnah in Beirut. The place also serves wraps and numerous appetizers to enjoy with your burger.

#5 La Burgeria

Mostly famous for serving burgers with a syringe filled with cheese, La Burgeria is a pioneer in burger tasting experiences. The restaurant can be found in the heart of Badaro in Beirut.

#6 Classic Burger Joint

In your burger tasting journey, you should definitely add Classic Burger Joint to your list. It has many outlets across Lebanon such as in Beirut, Jal-el Dib, and Broummana; so, you can easily find a Classic Burger Joint nearby to relish in one of their burgers.

#7 Munchease

One of the most famous fast-food restaurants in Lebanon, Munchease is popular for its yummy burgers ordered with a side of cheese fries. The place is located on the Khalde Highway in Aley.

#8 Butcher’s BBQ Joint

A hidden gem in the heart of Mar Mikhael, Butcher’s BBQ Joint is the first to serve soul food in Beirut.

#9 PBF: Pastrami, Burgers & Fries Food Caravan

This cute food caravan can be found in Naqqache, Matn, or in Mar Mikhael, Beirut. They serve a variety of sliders for you to choose from, such as bacon beef, truffle mushroom beef, and chicken.

#10 Meet the Veganz

As the name suggests, this restaurant is known for delicious vegan street food. It has a delivery station in Jal-el-Dib and a restaurant in Mar Mikhael. Meet the Veganz serves the purest vegan and delicious burgers to try in Lebanon.

#11 Juicy Grill Lebanon

For anyone craving a one-of-a-kind burger, you must try the Juicy Grill burgers. This burger restaurant is based in Jounieh and serves juicy burgers for anyone looking for a junkie and tasty flavor.

#12 Husk Beirut

This Beiruts hip restaurant is located in Saifi and serves delicious burgers as well as a wide variety of dishes, such as sandwiches and salads.


This burgerlicious place has multiple branches across Lebanon such as Downtown Beirut or Faqra Kfarderbian. Chicken or meat, BRGR.CO is renowned for its flavorful burgers.

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