10+ Pictures Showing How Amazing Lebanese People Are In Post-Blast Beirut

Bilal Marie Jawich | GulfToday

…إذا الشعب يوماً أراد الحيـــــــاة فلا بــدّ أن يستجيب القــــدر

ولا بدّ للــــيل أن ينجلــــــــــي ولا بـــدّ للقيـــد أن ينكســــر

Should the people one day truly desire life, then fate shall respond. And their night shall then begin to fade, and their shackles break and fall.

~ Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi.

The explosion in Beirut didn’t only destroy a major city in a blink of an eye, but it also broke millions of hearts.

People from all over the world, Lebanese or not, saw the news, the videos, the pictures, or witnessed and experienced this tragedy first hand.

And they all rushed to help. Especially the amazing Lebanese people, who helped and supported one another during these hard times.

How did they do so? Well, here’s what the Lebanese people have been doing to help each other after the Beirut explosion:

#1 Helping rebuild houses

Many people lost their loved ones, and many lost their houses and their only shelter. Although some heartbreaks can last forever, others, like houses, can be fixed with a little teamwork.

This is what many Lebanese volunteers have been doing. They are making things easier for the people and the families affected by the explosion by rebuilding their destroyed homes.

#2 Providing shelter

And when the Lebanese aren’t repairing damaged houses, they are providing shelter for those who lost their homes.

Many across Lebanese have opened their doors to the residents of Beirut. They have welcomed the traumatized families into their own homes for free.

#3 Treating people on site

The number of injuries was very high. Hospitals were overwhelmed and some cases needed urgent treatments, unlike others. There were people who needed urgent surgeries and those who could have been treated on-site.

This is what some doctors, health workers, and med students offered to do in order to ensure the wounded get treated the soonest and the pressure on the hospitals reduced.

On that note, it has been reported that the hundreds of health workers who were previously laid off from AUBMC were among the very first who ran to help.

#4 Remembering the victims

While people focused on supporting the survivors and looking after those affected, they didn’t forget the victims and paused to make a memorial for them.

#5 Showing support from all around the world

Lebanese people from all around the world have rushed to their homeland’s aid, either through donations, fundraising, dedicating their restaurants’ sales, or through emotional support with vigils in various world cities.

They also stood up with the Lebanese back home, holding solidarity demonstrations in various cities, demanding justice.

#6 Surviving

The explosion left a lot of people in Lebanon vulnerable, traumatized, and in need. However, they did what they do best, they survived. They are looking at the next step that will bring justice to the victims, the city, and the people.

#7 Proving resilience and determination

Some would say that after everything the Lebanese people have gone through and are going through right now, they will eventually give up to despair. But this population always proves otherwise.

After every rough patch, the Lebanese come back stronger than ever and ready to fight and win.

#8 Looking after each other

The Lebanese people are being there and present for each other, providing food or shelter or material support or medical supplies/services, etc.

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Everyone got affected by the explosion one way or another, yet they are all willing to help and volunteer to fix the houses, to look after the people, to comfort others, to lend moral support, and to rebuild Beirut.

#9 Picking up the pieces

Volunteers have been coming to Beirut from all over the country to help clean the streets and the houses and fix what they can. They are cleaning an entire city, just by showing up with a broom.

The Lebanese people have so much love for their country that it aches them to see it in such bad shape. They want the beautiful, full of life Beirut back, even if it means that they have to build it piece by piece with their own hands.

#10 The country is full of heroes

Everyone is contributing to relieve the residents from this disaster, each in his/her own way. Health workers, volunteers, firemen, civil defense, engineers, architects, electricians… etc.

They are all Lebanese heroes who are dedicating their time, energy, health, know-how, and strength to helping others, for by lifting Beirut’s residents they are lifting the capital and the country.

Beirut for the Lebanese, even after the explosion, is still the most beautiful city on earth. It is so because its people are beautiful, inside out, and because it is deeply loved by every Lebanese person.

#11 They are saving the pets who got harmed and lost at the explosion

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One week after the Beirut Blast and our team continue to find animals in distress Animals Lebanon team has been on the ground since day one organizing search teams for all the displaced pets during this horrific disaster. Over 200 volunteers have been with us on the ground, coming from all over Lebanon and we are so grateful for their amazing support! Our efforts have reunited over 90 animals with their guardians. So many of the guardians have been injured and were so happy to see their pets again. We are providing food and medical care for the pets of the families who were affected by the blast. There are still many rescued animals we are temporarily caring for, those that have guardians who have passed away or guardians that cannot currently care for them and strays that were injured during the blast. People continue to call on us hourly to help rescue their own pets who got stuck or lost during the explosion. Our Search and Rescue Team will be on the ground today and all this week Gathering point – next to Hawa chicken Ashrafieh/Tabaris – our tent is set up in the small garden after hawa chicken Time – 1 pm Contact us at [email protected] for help if: – You are looking for your lost pet – If there is an injured animal. we will cover the cost – You need food and supplies for your pet – You have found a pet that you believe belongs to someone To help us continue our mission please DONATE through PayPal – https://www.animalslebanon.org/get-involved/more-ways-to-give ❤️Our hearts will always be with the people, those who got affected, those who lost people, those who were injured and those who lost their homes❤️ Dog in photo was found among the rubble by the civil defense team and we are looking for his guardians. Photo credit Jana Zein. #beirutblast #lebanon #searchandrescue #Alsearchandrescue #animalsearchandrescue #animalrescue #animalwelfare #animalslebanon

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The Lebanese haven’t forgotten to rush to the rescue of Beirut’s pets who got suddenly catapulted into a scary world of devastation, terrorized, confused, and hurt, and many stuck under the rubbles and destruction.

Over 200 volunteers have prompted to join for their rescue, searching through Beirut’s rubbles, and they still do. From the estimated 1000 lost pets, some 90 have been so far reunited with their families.

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Our efforts never stop

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So when, a couple of years from now, people will ask us how the country recovered from such a tragic event, we will tell them that the power of the amazing Lebanese people made it happen.

Because they truly aspire to live… and fate shall respond…

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