The contrasts of Beirut in 14 amazing pictures

Beirut is a melting pot. It is a place where different people from different communities live together in one society. It is a city where the old and the new coexist in the streets.


The contrast that Beirut carries has a lot of aspects. Here are 20 pictures that will give you insight into Beirut’s originality and diversity – showing you the different aspects of contrast it contains.

In each picture, a contradiction.

The Old and The New

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Old buildings and the ruins of buildings are everywhere in Beirut. Right next to the ruins are long new skyscrapers and modern constructions. This contrast is amazing photography material.

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The difference of age between buildings and constructions in Beirut are up to thousands of years as well as centuries or less.

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Old unrehabilitated buildings dating from the civil war still stand high in the capital. The harm caused by armaments is still showing till this day.

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Architecture isn’t the only divergent matter in Beirut.

The Religious Coexistence

No matter how much the media try to downplay the Lebanese religious coexistence, truth is, Lebanese people of all faiths are living peacefully and amicably side-by-side.

You can clearly notice this on Beirut’s streets.

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Mosques and Churches are built right next to each other. Christmas decoration, as well as Ramadan decoration, are put up each year in Beirut.

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Lebanon’s unity is rock solid. Along the many long years of peace and war, civilization after civilization, Lebanese people have learned to live together as one.


Preserving our heritage, old buildings, and ancient ruins is also a way to conserve our history.

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