Amazing Rescue Story Of Arya The Dog Getting A Second Chance At Life


Named Arya by her rescuers, this dog was nothing but mere skin and bones when she was found by sheer chance last week by a woman who was on a hike.

After further digging, the woman found out that Arya was left to starve by the man who was supposed to be feeding her.

Shaken to the core, she immediately reached out to Animals Lebanon, a local organization that protects and rescues helpless, injured, and abandoned animals in Lebanon.

In order to help save Arya who was hanging on to life, Lebanese actress Mirva Kadi stepped in, volunteering to undertake the rescue mission.

She reached the area by jeep to rescue the dog who didn’t have the energy to even react to being carried off by strangers into a car. Arya couldn’t even interact with her rescuers but, in the videos, she looks grateful to be seen.

At the vet, it was discovered that Arya had ulcers all over her body and very bad skin, according to Animals Lebanon, that added that she had lost a lot of furs and was malnourished and dehydrated.

“Her recovery is a long process as we need to ensure she gets the proper treatment and at the beginning only small quantities of food throughout the day,” Animals Lebanon wrote.

While Lebanon passes through a wave of unprecedented multiple crises, one might overlook helpless and needy animals and pets. In fact, many pets have been abandoned or given away by guardians who could no longer afford to feed them or who felt forced to migrate.

Even shelters in Lebanon, such as Anthony Abihanna’s, have been threatened by the financial crisis.

“[It’s] a terrible situation for everyone and no signs yet of anything improving. So many people have left the country and continue to leave their pets behind,” said Animals Lebanon.

“Our shelter has been bombarded with many rescue calls, most of which severe cases needing help. We do not want to say no to any animal in need but, with our limited resources, our capacity is stretching thin,” the organization explained, urging for help to continue helping Lebanon’s animals in need.

You can help animals like Arya get a second chance at life by donating to Animals Lebanon‘s emergency fund, and/or reaching out to Abihanna’s shelter through Facebook or to his number +961 70 984 797.

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