U.S. Assistant Secretary: America Didn’t Help Lebanon With Coronavirus Relief Because of Hezbollah Presence


U.S. assistant secretary of Near Eastern affairs David Schenker has stated that the United States did not provide aid to coronavirus relief in Lebanon because it is “run by Hezbollah.” 

Explaining why the U.S. has not provided aid to the Ministry of Healthy, Schenker told LBCI that the militant organization plays a big role in the “Hezbollah-backed government.”

The American government which has long been enforcing sanctions on Hezbollah and its allies, therefore, refused to send money to the Lebanese government. 

The world’s powerful countries are cornering in on the Iran-backed Shiite resistance group through bans and sanctions.

Just recently Germany officially declared Hezbollah a terrorist organization and banned the group’s activities from their country. 

As the U.S. posed sanctions on Iran, it is targeting sanctions at Hezbollah, and Lebanon is at the forefront.

Schenker added that the United States has supported Lebanon in previous years at a much larger scale than other countries.

Additionally, American institutions are working to provide aid in other ways, such as food and supplies donations.

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