An American Cat Cafe Is Rescuing Vulnerable Cats From Lebanon

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After the Beirut explosion, people from around the world contacted the American Sip & Purr Cat Cafe, urging its team to rescue vulnerable cats in the Lebanese capital.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US, the cat cafe is famous for its experience in rescuing international cats and putting them up for adoption, which no other cat cafe in the US does.

Hence, as its founder Katy McHugh told CBS 58, the cafe was bombarded with calls for action in Beirut.

In response, Sip & Purr launched a scholarship program to rescue injured and homeless cats in the devastated Lebanese capital.

“Sip & Purr’s Scholarship program will sponsor the flight costs for the cats we rescue to travel from Beirut to Chicago. Thank you to everyone who has donated! YOU are literally giving these cats a brand new lease on life,” the cafe posted on its Instagram.

“Please consider sponsoring a Scholarship cat. Your donation will directly go towards the flight costs and care of the cats we rescue from Beirut,” their IG post called on its followers.

McHugh already arrived in Lebanon on Monday, October 12th, where she will stay for a week and work with the local animal charity Animals Lebanon to search the areas affected by the Beirut Port explosion for animals missing or in need of medical care.

At the same time, she will be preparing what she called 20 “very lucky cats,” to return to the US with her on October 19th.

“Due to the declining economic situation in Lebanon, COVID, and then the explosion, these cats stand no chance at finding homes in Lebanon,” she said. “Their rescue was made possible through Sip & Purr’s Scholarship Adoption Program.”

The “Lebanese” cats that will go to the US this month will be available for adoption at Sip & Purr.

The August 4 explosion left numerous cats and other animals at risk and separated many owners from their pets, some of whom reunited in wholesome moments that inspired hope and positivity in one of Beirut’s darkest hours.

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