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American Kids Try Lebanese Food For The First Time

We all know HiHo Kids! They are American kids on YouTube who try different dishes from various cuisines around the world. Their reactions and comments are funny!

In this video, HiHo kids tried samples of Lebanese food and dishes: zaatar man’oushe, shish taouk, mezza, and halewet el jibn.

Now I must say that whoever prepared the food didn’t get everything right. The man’oushe looks weird and dry. Also, it is not served with a fork and a knife.

As for the shish taouk, people eat it with french fries, not rice and cucumber. The bread that was served with the mezze platter looks toasted.

There have been mixed reactions about the man’oushe. I don’t blame them as it looks dry. They loved shish tawouk!

Watch the video!

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American Kids Try Lebanese Food For The First Time

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