Lebanon Is Hilariously Using the “American Revolts” Tweets In Lebanese Protest Context


Riots in America started after a series of brutal and unjust killings of several African Americans by police brutality.

Empathizing based on what they experienced during the October 17 Revolution, Lebanese protesters have switched their hashtag “Lebanon Revolts” لبنان_ينتفض# to “America Revolts” أميركا_تنتفض#.

They are using previous statements of Lebanese politicians and anti-revolution media outlets, as well as incidents, and applying them to the American context.

And they have been flooding the social media platform with their tweets.

Although the riots resulted from something terrible, the Lebanese are doing what they always do when in terrible situations themselves. They switch to ironic and sometimes amusing remarks that only Lebanese could understand.

In many ways, these tweets from the Lebanese protesters, while being hilarious, are a show of support and empathy to the American protesters.

A gift from the Lebanese Revolutionaries to Minnesota

The infamous statement “if they don’t like it here, they can leave.”

Blaming the embassies

As some accused the American Embassy to fund the Lebanese protests…

Translating: “Trump accuses the Lebanese embassy of funding the protesters and distributing sandwiches.”

Minneapolis, the bride of the revolution

Assaulted in their rights

If you still didn’t figure out this one, check it here.

That’s how it started in Lebanon

What Lebanon’s Interior Minister once said about police brutality

Lebanese tweeting American Road closure messages!

The reporter defending the head of state among the protesters

Because that was a Lebanese official (sectarian) stance during the revolution

Investigative journalism at its finest

Calculating the cost of the protest’s items to blame the revolution on outside funding. (That’s what OTV did.)

Slogans from the Thawra applied to the Minneapolis context

The US currency is fine

No kidding? Where?

Within a couple of hours, the Lebanese revolutionaries switched to giving tips and advice to the American protesters, with a new hashtag “Advice to the American protesters.” It has topped the trends in Lebanon, reaching over 1M viewers.

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