Ancient Artifact Stolen From Lebanon Has Been Found In Germany

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Lebanon’s Minister of Culture, Judge Mohammad Wissam Mortada, has successfully facilitated the recovery of a significant archaeological piece, “Head discovered in the Ashmun site” (1966), from an auction in Munich, Germany.

This action was taken following a directive to Ambassador Mustafa Adib. The artifact, part of Lebanon’s archaeological inventory, was stolen in 1981 from Jbeil depots.

Ambassador Adib’s swift coordination with German authorities ensured the artifact’s legal withdrawal from the auction, paving the way for its return to Lebanon.

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It is worth noting that The Temple of Eshmun, revered in Arabic as معبد أشمون, stands as a testament to ancient Phoenician spirituality, dedicated to the deity Eshmun, known for his healing powers. This historic sanctuary is situated close to the Awali river, approximately 2 kilometres northeast of Sidon, in the southwestern region of Lebanon.

Spanning a period from the 7th century BC through to the 8th century AD, the temple’s enduring presence near Sidon highlights a longstanding and deep-seated connection between the religious site and the city.

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