When Anfeh Became A Center Topic In The American TV Series Lethal Weapon

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For those who haven’t watched the remake of Lethal Weapon, currently on Netflix, it is recommended for its action-packed detective adventures with plenty of hilarious moments.

A well-produced series performed by Damon Wayans, Clayne Crawford, Kevin Rahm, Keesha Sharp, Michelle Mitchenor, and more.

Spoiler alert.

In season 3, episode 5, Lebanon is (again) mentioned in the series. This time, it’s not about the ex-CIA character Cole’s previous incidents in Beirut and Syria, which come up often in season 3, but about “gorgeous Anfeh” and a $2M dollar painting of this Lebanese coastal city.

The episode “Get The Picture” is about a badass Lebanese woman, Lena Bechara, a criminal mastermind that goes into an intricate scheme to steal a painting of… Anfeh Beach where, according to her in the episode, her mother used to take her as a child.

“In Lebanon’s Koura District,” the ex-CIA detective points out, “I’ve been there.”

“Anfeh is gorgeous, by the way,” he says to the pretty Lebanese woman looking at the painting with a sigh of nostalgia.

“It’s very romantic,” he adds about Anfeh with a dreamy tone in his voice, not knowing that she was just about to trick him and lock him up to run with the painting.

As the storyline develops, (more spoiler alert), we come to know that the painting of Anfeh Beach was the work of Lena’s mother, from Tripoli, and was worth some $2M in the episode.

Lena wanted to recuperate it and “bring it home” after being stolen by a criminal art collector involved in the killing of her mother. The art collector had charged a cartel $10M for it instead of its real worth.

For that insane price, the painting won’t make it far nor will Lena; just reaching the airport… with a bullet wound. The gang will obviously do everything to put their hands on it.

Kabul-born American actress Annet Mahendru played the role of the Lebanese woman with no little stunt moves.

With her looks, Mahendru could very well pass for a Lebanese, yet, unlike what the ex-CIA detective Cole told her and his colleagues, her accent is not Lebanese.

Mahendru has a long repertory of acting roles in TV dramas, including in “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Big Time Rush!”, and “White Collar.”

She also appeared in several known series, like “The Americans”, “Escape From Tomorrow”, “The Blacklist”, “Penguins of Madagascar”, “The X-Files”, and “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” among others.

As for the real “Gorgeous Anfeh” and its romantic aura, this Phoenician coastal town in North Lebanon is an exquisite gem that shines brightly on the Lebanese coast with beauty and history.

These pictures are more indicative than the painting in the Lethal Weapon’s S3E5 “Get The Picture.” Take a look!

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