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The Phoenician coastal town of Anfeh in the North is little spoken of comparing to other cities like Byblos, Tyre, Sidon, Baalbek, and the likes. And yet, it is an exquisite gem that shines brightly on the Lebanese coast with beauty and history.

Anfeh borders Chekka at 15 km from Tripoli, and at an enjoyable 65 km ride from Beirut along the beautiful coast of Lebanon. In that small coastal town, there is plenty to admire and explore, and also to enjoy.

#1 Exquisite Mediterranean vibes

Anfeh used to be a fishers’ town but also a strategic location for the Phoenicians as well as for the Crusade Counts that governed Tripoli. It is very well-maintained despite its antiquity, and particularly attractive with sceneries of white and blue houses by the beach.

#2 Ancient salines along its coast

An amazing sight of Anfeh’s ancient salines built on its rocky beaches. Throughout history, these salines have never ceased to produce sea salt… naturally; a production that continues to contribute to the town’s economy.

#3 A Phoenician castle

Remnants of Phoenician presence and tales, and remains of at least 3,000 years of human occupation, Anfeh is one of the oldest continuously inhabited Phoenician towns in Lebanon.

#4 A unique peninsula fortress

The archaeological site of Anfeh’s peninsula is unique of its kind in Lebanon, and an impressive one as you can see.

The site was once a mighty fortress, including the Crusader castle of Nephin, and a state of the Crusade Counts of Tripoli from 1102 AD through 1289 AD.

#5 As if designed by a painter

A mesmerizing view of the salines extending along the rocky beaches of Anfeh.

#6 Saint Georges Church

Saint George Church is the biggest and main church of Anfeh. It is stunning with fine arts and frescos.

#7 The view of Anfeh from the sky

From the sky, Anfeh looks like a “normal” contemporary town yet its coastline bedrock holds ancient tomb-holes and caves said to be haunted by past settlers or monks.

If you’re a ghost-buster type of person, you may disregard the villagers’ warning and dare some scary adventure; only if you believe in ghosts, of course.

#8 Beautiful beach even in winter

Even winter weather adds to the beauty of Anfeh’s coast…

#9 Crystal clear sea

Rocky beach, yes, but Anfeh has probably the clearest and cleaner beaches in the country!

#10 Spots worth painting by masters

Wildflowers, windmills, the sea, and a beach of sand and rocks; a mesmerizing sight that delights art lovers with their painting tools in hands.

#11 Anfeh’s lively summers at the beach

Anfeh might be a small town that is generally calm but it is one of the top coastal destinations in the north during summer.

#12 Sunset scenic to dream of

On a side note, if you’re looking for a romantic spot to propose to your sweetheart, here you have it!

#13 A sea rock’s view from above

Anfeh today was the Anpa town of the Phoenicians. Because of its strategic point on the back-then Phoenician Sea, and its rocky formation offering dry-rock platforms by the sea, the Phoenicians had one of their main shipyards in town.

#14 Peacefully romantic at sunset

A perfect getaway to consider! There are short term rentals available in Anfeh if you are up to it.

#15 The Church of Saint Catherine

Built of sandstone by the Crusaders in dedication to the Holy Sepulcher, this stunning church is Lebanon’s only remaining Romanesque church!

The Church was later dedicated to Saint Catherine during the 17th century when restored by the locals.

Nearby, there is another ancient church, dating back to the 18th century and dedicated to Saint Simeon and the Archangel Gabriel.

#16 One of the great engineering achievements of the Middle Ages

In order to protect themselves from the attacks of the Mamluk Sultan Qalawun, who was ravaging the cities around, the Crusaders did an impossible job. They created this great channel, cutting off through the rocks, and separating their peninsula fortress from the town.

#17 When a winter storm looms

Fascinating view of the calmness before the storm…

#18 Deir Saydet El-Natour

The Monastery of Sayedet El-Natour (Notre-Dame of the Watchman) was built during the Crusades period and is connected to the Balamand patriarchate monastery of the Greek Orthodox.

Its amazing landscape and charming architecture attract visitors and tourists alike. In 2010, it attracted Fayrouz to perform here her annual Holy Friday’s chants.

The monastery’s interior cloister…

#19 View of Salinas from Deir Natour

An inspiring view from the monastery that takes you back in time. It easily triggers one’s imagination of what past times could have been on that spot…

#20 The splendid Church of Saydet El-Natour

The church of the monastery is worth a visit on its own, whether to pray or to admire the dainty beauty of Byzantine paintings and frescos. These were executed back then by artists from Odessa.

#21 Picturesque houses and alleys

There is more to Anfeh than its beaches and monuments. A stroll through the town is a must to get to admire its well-maintained old houses and clean alleys.

You can also rent bikes in town to ride around!

…And sit and enjoy a coffee or a meal at one of the town’s restaurants.

#22 Where the ancient and the newer merge gracefully

At the sea front line, the ancient houses faced past seafarers and stand today as a reminder of the town’s history.

#23 A town of faith

The youth of Anfeh lit the path of the Cross of the Savior in their town with candles for the healing of COVID-19 patients.

#24 Anfeh’s fish make great seafood

Anfeh gains a reputation for its seafood, so make sure you enjoy the experience during your visit. After all, you can’t possibly visit Anfeh without trying its seafood!

#25 Fancy Beach Club

In addition to its summer resort, Anfeh offers sea activities like surfing and diving.

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