Anghami is Supporting Small Businesses & Local Artists Through This Crisis

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Anghami just announced its Community Support Plan which will help support small businesses and local artists during these difficult times.

On April 15th, Anghami Co-Founder Elie Habib published his company’s COVID-19 relief plans on Anghami Talks.

“The world has never been so uncertain, COVID-19 is affecting businesses small & large, people’s health and livelihood,” he began, “its impact goes beyond the shift to working from home: forced lockdown has disrupted our whole mental state and health.”

The plan will encompass small businesses, local artists, and the app’s users.

The music platform has been supporting small businesses since March 15th by “running $850,000 worth of free audio ads,” according to the announcement.

“To date, we have supported 90 businesses and are looking forward to supporting more – with a total budget of $3,000,000,” Elie stated.

This gesture will help boost small businesses as Anghami ads reach over 13 million people in the Middle East.

Since many businesses started offline and are now struggling, the app will allow small businesses to “launch their own web & mobile storefront with free advertising to promote their businesses on Anghami,” said Elie.

It will also grant over 400 local independent artists with $1.5 million of “Amplify” credits, which is “a feature allowing artists to promote their content on Anghami to help them promote their current or future releases to stimulate their returns.”

In addition, Anghami is launching a “Support My Music” button that artists can enable on their pages.

For its users, Anghami will release a $6 family plan allowing 6 people to get the full Anghami Plus experience. The ‘Covid19 User Offer’ will be valid for 12 months.

“Together we will overcome this crisis, and tomorrow will play a better tune,” concluded the statement.

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