Anjar, Lebanon in 10 amazing photos

Anjar is a town located in the


Valley. It has an impressive history which makes it interesting to visit once in a while.

Anjar, which is a World Heritage Site, got established during the Umayyad period by Caliph Walid I at the beginning of the 8th century.

The ruins of Anjar are the walls of the Umayyad palace and many pillars which include some elements of the Roman architectural style.

This town is a great destination for nature lovers, especially in fall when the trees turn orange!

Anjar is doing its best to protect its natural heritage. In collaboration with a local forest guard named Hrair Kurdian, the Lebanese Reforestation Initiative is aiming at planting trees and protecting the environment in Anjar from deforestation and wildfires.

This town is full of crops!

It’s the perfect place to chill!

While you’re there, have lunch in one of the restaurants near the river!

Anjar looks mesmerizing in winter!

Add Anjar to your bucket list!

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