Annual Festival in Barcelona Chooses Beirut as Guest of Honor for 2019


Every year, towards the end of September, Barcelona holds its largest street party; the Barcelona La Mercè Festival.

“Les Festes de la Mercè” started initially as the celebration of the Patron Saint of Barcelona, the Virgin Mary. She is referred to as “María de las Mercèdes“, meaning “Mary of Mercies”.

The festival lasts around 5 days, it kisses summer goodbye and welcomes autumn with a joy.


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The Municipality of Barcelona has chosen Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, to participate in La Mercè 2019.

The festival will be taking place next September from 21st to 24th and will be hosting concerts, distinguished performances, human towers, fireworks and more.


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“A delegation from the Barcelona Municipality visited the ministry, municipality, and governorate to inform them that Beirut was selected the guest of honor in 2019,” said Nada Sardouk, Director General of the Ministry of Tourism.

According to Sardouk, the Municipality of Barcelona invited Beirut Municipality to participate in the festival, which will select local artists and performers to participate.


The Beirut governorate, Ministry of Tourism, and artists will work with the municipality to provide the best image for Beirut, Sardouk said.

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More than 1.5 million visitors attend the festival each year, which will serve Beirut and give it the positive exposure it deserves.


Sardouk continued: “The festival provides good exposure for Beirut in Europe, and will positively impact the image of the city”.

Good luck in showing the best version of our beloved capital!

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