There Will Be Another Human Shield To Block Parliament in Beirut Tomorrow

The Lebanese people of the revolution are calling for a human shield of 100,000 people to block the parliament tomorrow Monday, January 27th.

The Instagram page Daleel Thawra just announced it with an action plan as to how the event will play out, and the call has gone viral on social media.

Starting at 7 AM sharp, all roads leading to the Parliament will be blocked according to a map. A human shield sit-in will be created at the entrance. People are called to bring pots and pats to make a lot of noise. The circulating instruction states the following:

  1. Block all roads as per map.
  2. Sit down and create a human shield at the entrance.
  3. Be there at 7 am sharp. The number of people needed is 100,000.
  4. Bring pots and pans to make a lot of noise.

This will be the second human shield done by the revolution. The first one took place two months ago in order to block a parliamentary session and it was successful as it was able to stop the parliamentary session from happening. 

The people of the revolution are not giving up. Over three months of relentless revolt, and they seem more determined than ever.

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