Check out this antiquities store in Bourj Hammoud!

If you’re a fan of retro items, you need to visit

The Vintage Shop 961

in Bourj Hammoud! This antiquities store sells and rents everything vintage! From retro suitcases to typewriters, this place is a blast from the past! The two Der Boghossian brothers, Avedis and Krikor, operate this store. A lot of the items that are displayed are functional, such as typewriters and records, or can be used as decorative items such as old-school phones and car plates. But that’s not just it! The brothers are very creative! They use their artistic skills to create artworks by merging several items and creating brand new furniture! Who knew that shoe molds could serve as cool bases for desk lamps? Check out this one! A Henninger crate turned into an ottoman! Well, that’s a historic headline! If you love vintage, then you must visit this shop! Who knows what you can find?

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