President Aoun Denied Intending To Stay In Baabda After His Term Expires

Middle East Online

President Michel Aoun dismissed the media reports claiming that he intends to stay in the presidential palace until the election of a new president even if his own term expires.

“The president stressed the need to form a new government as soon as possible,” said the Head of the Maronite League, Khalil Karam, after meeting Aoun in Baabda.

“His Excellency considers that the caretaker cabinet will not be able to practice its responsibilities in a full manner,” Karam added.

Karam denied on behalf of the president the rumors saying he intends to stay in Baabda, “President Aoun will commit to the constitution’s stipulations regarding the date of the end of his term.”

According to Karam, the President believes that the formation of a new government should remain among the priorities, and he will continue to work for achieving that while relying on the constitution and seeking to preserve national partnership and balance among authorities.

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