Aoun Says Hezbollah Arms Depot Not Behind Beirut Blast

Reuters | The Daily Star

During an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere Della Serra, President Michel Aoun denied the possibility that the explosion was caused by Hezbollah weapons stored in the port.

Aoun ruled out the hypothesis of his ally’s involvement in the blast as “impossible” but added that the lead would be investigated.

“There are many stories circulating. Although Hezbollah doesn’t need to store its weapons in the Port, the ongoing investigations will uncover all matters and determine responsibilities,” he told the newspaper.

Aoun strongly rejected an international probe into what caused the explosion, maintaining that he thought it would be ineffective and time-consuming.

He told the newspaper they would investigate the possibility of an “external interference” or attack since several people reported hearing warplanes before the explosion.

However, Aoun said he thinks it was likely an “accident” but that he wants to look into all possibilities to “avoid being accused of not having listened to every voice.”

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