Aoun Says Hezbollah Joining Gaza War “Neither Resistance Nor Self-Defense”

Lebanon Debate

Former President Michel Aoun took a bold stance against Hezbollah’s potential involvement in Gaza’s war following a visit by a Hezbollah delegation to Rabieh on March 7.

This marked a rare instance of direct criticism from Aoun towards Hezbollah, diverging from his usual approach.

According to reports from the al-Akhbar newspaper, Aoun conveyed his strong opposition to Hezbollah’s position on drawing Lebanon into the conflict in Gaza, stating firmly, “This is a losing battle.”

The newspaper quoted Aoun as describing Hezbollah’s viewpoint as “weak” and “unconvincing” during his meeting with the delegation.

His remarks underscored his concerns over Hezbollah’s unilateral decision to engage in the conflict, emphasizing that while he had previously supported the group during the 2006 war against Israeli aggression and the Syrian war for combating terrorism, the current situation is markedly different.

Aoun cautioned against Hezbollah’s involvement, categorizing it as neither resistance nor self-defense.

He expressed apprehension about Lebanon’s readiness for war and highlighted Hezbollah’s decision to engage without broader consensus.

Despite this, Hezbollah has pledged to continue fighting until a ceasefire is reached in Gaza, leading to intensified exchanges along the Lebanon-Israel border.

Recent tensions escalated with an Israeli drone-fired missile targeting a car near Tyre’s northern entrance, close to the Rashidiya Palestinian refugee camp, resulting in civilian casualties.

In response, Lebanon has filed complaints against Israel for the deaths of civilians in these incidents, further complicating the already tense situation along the border and other areas.

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