Appointments For Lebanese Passport Renewal Are All Booked Until April 2023

Nisreen Hammoud

On Monday, June 13, the platform for issuing passports reopened after months of being closed due to a lack of passport copies and a delay in payments to the French printing company.

Barely three days after reopening for appointments, on June 16th, all dates are showing booked on the platform, with the next available appointments being April 6, 2023.

This was shared by Sky News reporter and producer Larissa Aoun in a Tweet after she tried to book an appointment to renew her passport.

The influx of requests for passport renewal comes as a result of the growing fear among the people that the Lebanese General Security will suspend the renewal again as they did back in April 2022 viewing the limited number of printed passports.

The General Directorate of Public Security had asked citizens not to rush to book appointments so that those who urgently need theirs can obtain them.

However, it appears that the request wasn’t respected as people are eager to have their passports in hand in case they need to leave the country due to the ongoing crises.

Many are also seeking employment abroad for a steady source of income that can help their families through these difficult times.