Elderly People In Lebanon Were Hospitalized Due To Cholera Outbreak In Nursing Home

Harvard Medical School

About 20 elderly people were hospitalized in North Lebanon due to possible symptoms of cholera amidst the outbreak, confirmed Lebanon’s Ministry of Health.

Red Cross ambulances evacuated and transported residents of the Abi Samra nursing home to the government hospital in Tripoli due to severe coughing and vomiting.

“The condition of these people is stable,” stated the ministry.

This is the first cholera outbreak in 30 years, where the first case was reported in October. There are around 600 confirmed cholera cases in Lebanon, with 20 deaths since the beginning of the outbreak.

Cholera is a bacterial disease that manifests as a result of ingesting contaminated water or water, where symptoms may range from mild to severe.

At the beginning of November, the Ministry of Health announced that they received the first batch of vaccinations from the French government.

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