Architectural 3D Project Aims To Turn The Silos Into A ‘Beirut Memorial’ Space (Video)

Domaine Public Architects

After two years of the Beirut port explosion, the families of the victims, and many Lebanese are now mobilizing to protect the grain silos.

They consider the silos to be the “silent witness” of the crime that shook Lebanon’s capital on August 4, 2020, and recognize them as the main symbol of Lebanon’s resilience, even though a part of it is collapsing.

Lebanese activists also protested many times to reject the demolition of the grain silos, as this might lead people to forget and the authorities to hide the truth.

For the blast’s second anniversary, artists showcased their grief and anger through art, photos, sculptures, and even, architecture.

Domaine Public Architects

To commemorate the victims and survivors of the August 4 explosion, Domaine Public Architects designed a 3D project to turn the crime scene into a space where people can heal collectively.

In tribute to the people affected by the blast, the 3D project was designed by Karim Fakhry, Jean Nmeir, and Dragan Vukovic. It showcases how the now-destroyed silos can be transformed into a cultural space in Beirut.

The “Beirut Memorial” also aims to protect collective memory, with a wide space where people can gather to see the names of the victims and pay their respect.

Consequently, even if the project might not see the light of day, it reflects on Lebanese people’s need for justice through the use of art and creativity.

Here is Domaine Public Architects’ “Beirut Memorial”:

The 234+ Beirut Blast Victims, Remember Their Names.


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