Armed Man Just Broke Into Nancy Ajram’s House

An armed intruder evaded the security around the villa of Lebanese superstar singer Nancy Ajram in Kessrwan on Sunday around 1:30 AM, scaled the walls, and found his way into the house with the intent to rob it.

Gunshots were heard while Nancy, her husband, and her kids were in the house.

The intruder made his way inside the house, found the handbag of Nancy, and was proceeding in his search for more to steal when he came face to face with Nancy’s husband, celebrity dentist Fadi Al-Hashem.

According to the video surveillance, and later the statements of both Dr. Fadi and Nancy, Dr. Fadi reacted in surprise and tried to throw a chair at the intruder, reported to be a Syrian man, aged 30.

The thief prompted to point his weapon at the face of Dr. Fadi who tried to talk him out of doing the irreparable and went negotiating with him.

When the thief demanded money and gold, Dr. Fadi went rushing in to bring the thief what he wanted, fearing for his family and himself.

By then, according to Dr. Fadi, Nancy had called the guards who entered to quickly find themselves under the threat of the thief’s weapon pointed at their faces.

In a sprint, the thief ran the scene towards the bedroom of the couple’s daughters to the horror of Dr. Fadi who rushed behind him with a gun to shoot him in order to prevent him from doing harm to his daughters.

As seen in the video, Dr. Fadi bent down at a flicker of a gunshot in his direction before he rushed in after the thief. A gunshot is heard, and that’s when, according to Dr. Fadi, he shot the thief dead. 

Dr. Fadi was detained upon an arrest warrant issued by Judge Ghada Aoun and arrested in Zouk. By dawn, Dr. Fadi suffered a health incident and was transferred to the hospital.

Due to his reported “difficult neurological condition,” Judge Ghada Aoun allowed his transfer to Al-Hayat Hospital, provided that the investigating judge, Nicolas Mansour, will take his decision on Tuesday on whether to arrest Dr. Fadi or release him “under investigation” after reviewing the file in full and the CCTV recordings.

Meanwhile, the video surveillance of the incident aired by MTV Lebanon and an image of Nancy with a slight injury on her leg have been circulating online.

The incident took the local and Arab media news and social media by storm.

Nancy’s local and regional fans and peers rallied online to show her support, and expressing their good sentiments towards her safety and the safety of her family.

Early in the afternoon of the same day, Nancy appeared in a video, devastated and in tears, saying:

“First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who wanted to make sure that I’m ok. I’m fine, the most important thing is that my family is ok, the kids, the most important thing is that they are ok, and I am currently unable to speak, I can’t speak.”

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