An Armed Woman Raided A Blom Bank Branch In Beirut (Video)

Sally Hafez raided Blom Bank in Sodeco, Beirut, carrying a gun and demanding her money. Hafez’s sister is reportedly a cancer patient in need of her money to continue the treatment.

According to Hafiz, she took $13,000 of the $20,000 deposit at the bank. It should be noted that a number of injuries were recorded inside the bank, due to the stampede that took place.

Hafez said in an interview that the gun she was carrying is a toy she used to intimidate the bank’s employees, and she apologized for the terror she caused to the employees.

Hafiz was live on her Facebook account during the raid. After she left with the amount, she posted on her feed that she was at the airport, “See you in Istanbul, Chao.”

This is the third “armed” raid on Lebanese banks in less than two months.

Earlier in August, Bassem Sheikh Hussein entered the Federal Bank of Lebanon in Hamra armed and held a number of employees and clients hostage. He was later released with a residency permit.

Hussein joined others in a sit-in to support Hafiz:

Today, a man by the name of Sharaf El-Din also broke into Bank MED in Aley for his money. He received $30,000 before turning himself to the security forces.

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