Armenia Sending Medicine, Medical Aid & Food To Lebanon

@whereishaig | AFP

In response to the Beirut blast which left over 130 killed, thousands injured, homeless, and scores of people missing under the rubble, Armenia has announced its support for Lebanon.

Lebanese-Armenians are among those who have been affected most during the blast due to the proximity of Bourj Hammoud, the large Armenian neighborhood.

The district sustained extensive and devastating damage. Over a dozen of them were killed in the tragic event, and hundreds are injured.

In a Facebook post, the spokesperson of the Prime Minister of Armenia, Mane Gevorgyan, wrote that Armenia is ready to offer its brotherly assistance to Lebanon as well as to the large Lebanese-Armenian community.

“Assistance from Armenia will be in the form of medicine, medical equipment, food, and other supplies and will arrive as soon as possible via charter flight,” she added.

Lebanon is home to hundreds of thousands of Lebanese-Armenians, descendants of refugees who sought asylum decades ago, escaping the Armenian Genocide of 1915.

For decades, the Lebanese-Armenian community has continuously contributed to Lebanese society, becoming one of its pillars, and playing important roles in the government.

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