Armenians In The Diaspora Step Up To Help Beirut


Lebanese-Armenians were some of the many Beirut residents directly affected by the explosion on August 4th.

Since the blast, Armenia has pledged aid to Lebanon, offering its brotherly assistance through the provision of food, medicine, and medical equipment.

Armenians in Canada and the United States are also stepping up to help, launching fundraisers in their respective countries to help out the capital that is home to a large Lebanese-Armenian community.

Notably, the largest Armenian district of Beirut, Bourj Hammoud, was extremely affected by the blast due to its close proximity to the Beirut Port.

In Canada, Aid4Lebanon, a Canadian Aid Committee for the Lebanese-Armenian community, launched the campaign Relief4Beirut on their social media.

Their call to their community says, “Join us to help our brothers and sisters in Lebanon! Help Beirut Rise Again!!”

Beirut is “home to millions of our Lebanese brothers and sisters and one of the strongest Armenian communities in the world.”

In the United States, the Armenians have also stepped up to help by sending support to their community in Beirut.

Armenia Fund, in collaboration with the Armenian Relief Society and Code 3 Angels, just sent a special airlift from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon.

The air cargo contained 2.5 tons of essential needs and medical supplies, such as advanced wound management kits and pharmaceuticals donated by the Armenian Relief Society, Code 3 Angels, Mepha, and Pax Pharmacy.

The shipment also carried 22 boxes of medicine to Rafic Hariri University Hospital donated by the Lebanese community of Los Angeles.