10 Top Spots To Enjoy Armenian Food In Lebanon

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The Armenian community started forming in Lebanon in the late 17th century to become through times an integral part of the Lebanese civil society, government, and economy.

The Armenians stand out in Lebanon for having preserved their culture through the generations, including keeping their language and traditions alive, while totally integrating into the Lebanese society and ways of life.

Rich and flavorsome, their cuisine has kept to its authenticity as the community has thrived to preserve its heritage.

Armenian cuisine is popular in Lebanon and its popularity keeps increasing thanks to the Armenian restaurants across the country serving delicious food of their traditional rich cuisine. Some even serve a mix of both Lebanese and Armenian food.

Here are some of these restaurants in no particular order or rank where you can enjoy succulent Armenian dishes.

#1 Onno Bistro (Badaro)

A popular restaurant serving both Armenian and Lebanese home-cooked meals in a warm and friendly environment.

#2 Badguer (Bourj Hammoud)

A traditional Armenian restaurant in both its cuisine and decor, Baguer has also a lovely terrace where guests can enjoy dining at night, from 7 pm to 11 pm. The restaurant opens daily from noon to 6 pm.

#3 Batchig (Beirut, Dbayeh, Faqra/Kfardebian, & Broumana)

Batchig serves Lebanese-Armenian cuisine, a fusion of both cultures, along with traditional Armenian dishes, wood-oven baked specialties, grill, mezza, and a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

#4 Mayrig (Gemmayzeh & Kfardebian)

You’ll find a fusion of cuisines at Mayrig, where popular classic Armenian food is not without Lebanese cuisine’s influence. The Gemmayzeh place reflects both local and Armenian heritage, with high ceilings, arcades, stone walls, and decor. It has a closed terrace and a bar. The Kfardebian branch has a vast patio surrounded by nature.

#5 Seza Bistro (Mar Mikhael)

You’ll immediately feel embraced by the authentic Armenian ambiance the moment you step into this small and cozy restaurant, Warm, friendly, homey, and uniquely decorated, Seza offers traditional family recipes passed down from generation to generation.

#6 Resto Ghazar (Bourj Hammoud)

A hidden gem in Bourj Hammoud, Resto Ghazar serves an array of succulent Armenian, Aleppo, and Lebanese food.

#7 Noy Restaurant (Bourj Hammoud & Jounieh Old Souk)

Noy restaurant serves classic Armenian cuisine and a fusion of both Armenian and Lebanese, as well as Lebanese dishes.

#8 Ohannes Restaurant (Dora & Batroun Old Souk)

Ohannes is a very popular Armenian restaurant where dishes are made with unparalleled passion and pleasure and some creative twists, which make dining at this place a unique experience that can get you hooked.

#9 Ichkanian (Zalka & Zkak El-Blat)

An Armenian bakery with seating space, Ichkanian is the place to go for delicious LahamAajoun that you can eat warmly fresh from the wooden oven, and its variety of pastry, like Cheese Beorek, Mante, Suboereg, and more.

#10 Varouj (Bourj Hammoud)

Varouj is an old small restaurant in an alley of Bourj Hammoud that serves a mix of Lebanese and Armenian cuisine.

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