Tripoli High School Calls Lebanese Army On Students Protesting Teacher Allegedly Harassing Female Students


In the recent protest arrangements of George Sarraf High School students against the harasser Samer Mawlawi, the Lebanese Army was called by the school in order to impose control over the situation.

The students were protesting in front of the high school, demanding for the teacher to be held accountable for his actions.

Additionally, the protesting students insisted that proper measures must be taken against the school administration and its principal for ignoring previous repeated complaints against Samer Mawlawi.

The Lebanese Army security forces are seen to be shouting at the protesting students in the footage, as well as calling them degrading names.

On another note, Samer Mawlawi’s relationship with the Minister of Interior, Bassam Mawlawi, is being questioned. However, a source from the mentioned ministry stated that Minister Bassam Mawlawi does not protect any of the sickening acts committed by the teacher.

With the events of the case in question unfolding, it is important to stand with and support the victims so the perpetrator will be held accountable for these outrageous acts.

The public pressure was as such that the teacher was finally arrested by order of the Lebanese Education Minister Abbas Halabi and the case was referred to the High Disciplinary Commission and the Juvenile Protection Authority in the Ministry of Justice.

This scandal comes at a time when the NGO ABAAD is campaigning against harassment of all kinds in Lebanon and offering free training for the public.

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