The Lebanese Army Intervened By Force At Protesters Blocking The Road On Martyr’s Square (Video)


On Thursday afternoon, a group of demonstrators tried to block the road on Martyr’s Square, protesting the ongoing inflation rates and the alarming depreciation of the Lebanese Lira.

The Lebanese Army swiftly intervened by force and proceeded to open the road. It was reported that some journalists were also attacked.

In response, the Alternative Press Syndicate issued a statement denouncing the attack on “journalists Sarah Hammoud and Andre Garbet during their coverage of the protests in Martyrs’ Square in Beirut.”

The Syndicate called on the Lebanese Army to open an immediate investigation to hold the aggressors accountable.

“This repressive way of acting with civilians and the media brings us back to the series of attacks on journalists and activists in previous periods. It is only a security and political attempt to silence the voices objecting to the living conditions that the country has reached,” concluded the Syndicate.

The Lebanese Lira value is dropping by the hour, with it reaching all-time low rates.

That alarming depreciation is further affecting all Lebanese people and all the essential sectors, such as the health sector, which is now on the final day of the two-day strike initiated to incite effective actions by the government towards the crippling financial issues affecting the health sector.

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The Lebanese Army Intervened By Force At Protesters Blocking The Road On Martyr's Square (Video)

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