Lebanese Army Protects Protesters From Attacks in Beirut

At around 10 pm on Monday the 21st of October, the Lebanese army on the street of Bechara El Khoury chased and stopped a pack of motorcycles raising certain political flags.

This pack was trying to get into the Martyrs’ Square and Riyad El Soleh‘s Square where people were protesting in downtown Beirut.

These motorcycles were witnessed heading towards Bechara El Khoury at around 8 pm. That’s when several people sent warnings to the protesters in downtown about this threatening movement, asking them to take caution.

However, upon their arrival at the targeted place, the Lebanese army was ready to intercept them and quick to disperse them, but not without giving them a physical and verbal warning first.

This attack is interpreted as an attempt to scare the protesters and stop the evolving national resurrection of the Lebanese people.

The attack came as a defensive reaction to people’s rejection of all political leaders and their parties, especially that the reform plan of PM Hariri did not convince the protesters nor stop the protests.

While this attempt was, for the most part, a failure because many people remained in the protest, it sure was a party-killer.

After the collision between the thugs and the army, the area that was full of music and noise fell quite, though everyone present assured that the protest is nowhere near over.   

The attackers of today are the same group that assaulted protesters in the southern cities of Tyr and Nabatiyeh a few days ago and held them at gun points. However, there is no verified evidence on whether they were armed in this recent attack. 

Soon after the attempt, both political parties whose flags were raised by those thugs (Amal movement and Hezbullah) denied any relation with the people on these motorcycles that invaded the streets of Beirut and attempted the attack.

Needless to say that this aggression was a close call that could have taken a bad turn if it wasn’t for the Lebanese army’s protection and dedication. So thank you for your amazing efforts and we hope that everyone participating in the protests remains safe.

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