The Lebanese Army Removed Overnight The Revolution’s Tents in Nour Square

Omar El-Imady

On the night of April 7th, the army mobilized towards the center of the Lebanese Revolution in Tripoli and took down the tents at Al-Nour Square in preparation to open the area.

Gatherings in the square have made Tripoli viral during the revolution and dubbed it the Bride of the Revolution. Crowds came from all over Lebanon just to be a part of Tripoli’s energy and its fame crossed the oceans and inspired many overseas.

When the virus began to spread, and with the imposed lockdown and curfew, fewer people have been visiting the square, so the army just re-opened it.

The square is now open to cars again, which makes commuting around the city easier.

This is the second site of the Revolution the army has been ordered to clear off during the lockdown. The day the Cabinet announced the nationwide curfew a week ago, the army tore down the tents at Martyr’s Square at the account that safety measures were violated.

Certainly, the people of the revolution are not happy about it. They stand on that their revolution is not over but only on hold until the health threat is over. Their messages circulating online state it with the hashtag “we’re coming back” and their activities continue online in various forms and aspects.

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