Lebanese Army Takes Down The Revolution’s Tents in Baalbek (Video)

Anna Fahr/Al Jazeera

On Sunday, May 3rd, people of Baalbek filmed members of the Lebanese army removing the revolutionaries’ tents from the side of the road.

As can be concluded from the video, the members of the army explained to objecting citizens that the tents are being taken down because of COVID-19.

Considering that the government has already started reopening the country from its lockdown, that reason did not convince those behind the camera.

About a week ago, the revolution’s monuments were destroyed on Martyrs’ Square in downtown Beirut, although they did not constitute “closed gathering venues” that go against the social distancing measures.

But the destruction was carried on by political party members that raided the area:

People are wondering if all traces of the 17 October revolution will be gone by the time the coronavirus crisis is over in Lebanon.

The removal of the tents could truly be an attempt by the Lebanese army to keep people safe in their homes and to avoid further spread of the virus.

In any case, the Lebanese revolution has proven since its onset that it is not in the tents and the monuments but in the spirit of the Lebanese people, and that cannot be eradicated but by their own free will.

Up till now, it runs intense in their hearts and minds. The revolution lives and is giving no sign that it intends to die.

As done in previous instances, the people will go back once again to repair their sites and rise above the destruction.

We’ve witnessed it before, most notably when the Fist of the Revolution was burnt down by thugs and the people erected it anew in less than 24 hours.

There’s no doubt that the Lebanese can build it all back once the pandemic is over, but for the time being, the safety of the people and the country comes first.

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