More Arrests For Fraud And Price Gouging In Lebanon

The Daily Star / Mohamad Azakir

In the past couple of weeks, the government has been stepping up to stopping the exploitation of the Lebanese people.

After fining a restaurant for pricing the Mankouch at 20,000LL, arresting a factory owner for overpricing chicken, and sealing a supermarket for price gouging, more are now following.

In a span of 48 hours, a warehouse that was selling bad and expired cleaning materials was sealed with red wax in Hay El Selloum.

State Security in Lebanon also arrested a butcher selling meat that did not meet the conditions, some even coming from already dead cows. A quantity of meat was seized and destroyed.

The shop was sealed with red wax with a signal from the Public Prosecution Office of Bekaa.

In addition, the owner of a major warehouse selling food and condiments was also arrested. According to the reference of the Public Prosecutor, Judge Ali Ibrahim, the owner of the warehouse was overpricing the goods.