14 Artisanal Places In Lebanon You Should Check Out


The Lebanese people take pride in their Artistic Heritage and keep it alive by skillfully handcrafting exquisite pieces, some maintaining the old styles and some with a modern twist of innovation.

From decorative house accessories and furniture to functional pieces and exquisite wearables, they are pieces of art in their own rights.

If you are looking for a special gift or to display your heritage at home or wear a beautiful artisanal piece, we recommend checking out the Lebanese artisanal products in their rich variety, made in Lebanon by talented local artisans.

Here are some of these places where you can find these local products.

#1 Nour Artisan

Located in Nejmeh Square, in Maarad Street, Nour Artisan is a place that sells coffee cups, embroidered abayas, and painted cups and plates.

#2 Mouftah El Chark

Mouftah El Chark sells homeware, clothes, and accessories, including abayas for men and women and bags.

#3 Artisanat Sara

Artisana Sara in Mtaileb offers a range of Lebanese souvenirs and handcrafted home decorations along with embroidered table linen, accessories, abayas, and more.

#4 L’artisan Du Liban

Located in Ashrafieh, Clemenceau, and Tripoli, L’Artisan Du Liban sells handcrafted homeware, clothes, jewelry, and accessories.

#5 Abed Chehab

You can find Abed Chehab in Hamra. This shop sells handcrafted wooden tables along with tiled and copper-made lanterns and embroidered-like drawers.

#6 Orient 499

Orient 499 in Mina El Hosn, Beirut, sells many traditional artisanal arts like jewelry, lanterns, candleholders, home accessories, abayas, hand-made arts, and copper vases and accessories.

#7 Artisanat Du Chouf

Located in Baakline, Artisanat Du Chouf sells handmade and hand-knitted accessories like scarves, embroidered table linen, crochet napkin rings, and also do embroidery on towels.

#8 Masaya Artisanat

Masaya Artisana in Hazmieh offers a variety of home decor, clothes, and accessories along with water pitchers, jewelry, souvenirs, and copper coffee kettles.

#9 Yara Artisanat

Yara Artisanat in South Lebanon is an artisanal store of natural wood home decoration and accessories. It sells pieces of artisanal art from wood paintings, wood-made light stands, and wooden vanity sets along with other wooden artifacts. It also has a workshop in Qatar.

#10 Hawanem Artisanat

Hawanem Artisana offers 100 percent handcrafted accessories, from jewelry to cushions, crochet bags, and crochet coasters. They also have a delivery option.

#11 Fleur De Vie Artisanat

Fleur De Vie creates custom and handmade and embroidered items from bags to scarves.

#12 Erica Artisanat

Erica Artisanat is a shop located in Byblos where many traditional arts are sold like backgammons, souvenirs, wooden traditional home accessories, and kitchenware along with wooden crafts and handmade coffee and teacups.

#13 Lavish Artisanat

From handmade natural soaps to scented candles, Lavish Artisanat offers many good-smelling options. They are located in Baakline and deliver to Beirut and Chouf area.

#14 Haddad Cutlery

Haddad Cutlery creates traditional and unique cutlery since 1970. Located in Jezzine, this is the shop to go to buy traditionally handcrafted knives and other cutlery. They are also available in the United Arab Emirates.

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