5 Arts & Crafts Spots In Beirut To Help You Unleash Your Creativity

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Lebanon boasts delightful creative minds and institutions with unique perspectives that strive to share the beauty of art with every interested mind.

If you’re looking for activities that tickle your brain and stimulate creativity, there’s no better way to spice up your expedition than dabbling in some arts and crafts.

Whether you’re an artist or just looking to build and experiment, here are some of the best creative gems located in the heart of Beirut that offer you the space to create and unwind.

 Naïve by Emne

Naïve by Emne holds a wide range of activities that are bound to keep you entertained. Here you have the freedom to create structures, paintings, and designs that are authentically you- regardless if you’re an old timer or new to the scene.

You can also drop by this space to shop for unique gifts, or even create one, for your loved ones.

Located in Badaro. For more info: 03741125.

Karakeeb Corner

Karakeeb Corner offers crafty and exceptional walk-in activities and a diverse range of tasks that are bound to spark your interest.

Throughout the week, Karakeeb Corner offers diverse workshops that will help you add another whim to your hobby list.

If you’re looking for more than a one-day craft activity, enrolling in a creative workshop program might be the answer to that.

Located in Furn el Shebbak. For more info: 03687673.

Creative Nass

If you’re looking for a space to relax and unwind, look no further than Creative Nass. With a unique range of weekly activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re out on your own or with friends, you can participate in endless creativity through activities such as mirror painting and clay sculpting sessions.

Located in Beirut. For more info: 76656554.

Beirut Art Studio

More often than not, it takes a secluded session away from the hustle and bustle of life to maintain peace.

At Beirut Art Studio, you can enjoy the simple pleasure of art by enrolling in one of their many art workshops. Their range of activities is suitable for both children and adults.

Located in Hamra. For more info, call 03150813.

Cheers To Painting

Walking into Cheers To Painting, you’ll be immediately engulfed by a warm and welcoming host and a relaxing artistic ambiance.

This spot is the perfect place to explore painting techniques and color combinations with friends or mingle with other participants alongside a refreshing glass of wine.

Located in Achrafieh. For more info: 76460263.

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