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The stories behind the French streets of Beirut

Did you know that you can spend the day in Clémenceau, the night in Monnot all the while staying in Beirut?

Lebanon has a shared history with France, full of ups and downs, conflicts and reconciliations. The French mandate for Lebanon lasted 20 years, from 1923 till 1943.

The French language is widely spoken fluently throughout Lebanon and is taught in many Lebanese schools, making Lebanon a member of the Francophonie.

France has always been a great influence on Lebanon and the Lebanese. Many Lebanese streets in Beirut have French names. Ever wondered who are behind these street names?

This is small insight on 5 streets in Beirut that carry a French name.

Rue Gouraud


Rue Gouraud is a mixed residential and commercial street in Gemmayzeh, it is named after French General Henri Gouraud.

The neighborhood is well known today for its trendy bars and pubs, cafes, restaurants and lounges, most of which are directly located on Rue Gouraud.

Rue Monnot

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This street is located east of Beirut Central District, in the Sodeco neighborhood of the Achrafieh district. It is named after Father Ambroise Monnot - a French Jesuit who founded the Saint Joseph University in 1875.

Rue Monnot is a one-way cobblestone. Attractions include a multitude of restaurants, shops, bars, and nightlife venues, and the street is alive with music every single night of the week.

Rue Foch


During the French Mandate, this street was conceived as one of two main arteries connecting the harbor district to the city center. It was named after Ferdinand Foch, the first High Commissioner of the Mandate.

Rue Clémenceau

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Rue Clemenceau is a commercial and residential street. The street was named in honor of Georges Clemenceau who accepted the post of premier of France in 1917 during World War I.

Rue Clemenceau is known for its numerous medical institutes, such as the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon, and the Clemenceau Medical Center, which is an affiliate of Johns Hopkins Medicine International.

Avenue néral de Gaulle


Avenue Général de Gaulle is a seaside palm-lined street. The avenue, which was named in honor of the French general and president Charles de Gaulle, forms with Avenue de Paris the Corniche Beirut promenade.

The historic Beirut Carlton, which was considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the city in pre-war Beirut, is located on the avenue.

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