Astronaut In Space Just Tweeted His Support For Beirut

Astronaut In Space Just Tweeted His Support For Beirut
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The terrible aftermath of the August 4th explosion has not only attracted the attention of countries across the world, but also the support of a man floating through the thermosphere.

Chris Cassidy, a NASA astronaut and US Navy SEAL captain, has been living aboard the International Space Station since April 2020.

He regularly posts stunning pictures of the Earth from orbit. The latest of these is a picture of Beirut, which he posted in tribute to the Lebanese capital after the devastating explosion it suffered a week ago.

“Thinking of Beirut today,” the astronaut wrote in a tweet showcasing the top-view picture of the city.

“My heart goes out to all of those who have been affected by the recent tragedy. Sending love from @Space_Station,” he added.

The touching tweet generated many grateful responses from Lebanese users, who showered Cassidy’s post with wholesome emojis and similarly compassionate comments.

“Thank you, that’s very sweet of you. We’re sending love right back up! We’re still trying to process this tragedy that not only broke our hearts, but our souls, and shattered our spirits, too,” one Twitter user posted.

“Thank you from Beirut,” another wrote.

While it is the first case in which Lebanon receives a message of support from “the heavens,” it’s not the first time NASA – or, in this case, a representative such as Cassidy – posts an image of post-blast Beirut.

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Still feels like yesterday…

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Last week, the American space agency released an image that showcases the scale and severity of destruction across the Lebanese capital, in hopes of contributing to the ongoing relief efforts.

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