Breaking: At Least 7 Killed In Israeli Strike In Habbariyah, South Lebanon

At least 7 killed and more were wounded in an Israeli strike targeting the Emergency and Relief Center of the Islamic Health Authority, affiliated with the Islamic Group, in the town of Al-Habbariyah in South Lebanon.

Civil defense is working to clear the rubble and anyone that could be trapped.

The relief center indicated there were 12 staff working at the time of the attack.

The Islamic Group, or Jamaa Islamiya, confirmed seven people were killed in an overnight strike at one of their affiliated health centers.

Jamaa Islamiya is a Sunni Lebanese group under the Muslim Brotherhood and a Hamas-ally. The Muslim Brotherhood is classified by Europe and US as a terrorist organization. They are also banned in multiple Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and UAE. They currently hold only 1 seat in the Lebanese parliament.

It was revealed that 3 of their members were among those killed in the killing of Hamas leader Arouri in Hezbollah stronghold of Dahye in Beirut.

Yesterday, it made public to The Associated Press that they’re increasing cooperation with Hezbollah and Hamas as it joins the fight against Israel on Lebanon’s border.

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