10 Places Where You Can Rent An ATV In Lebanon

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Are you a fan of off-roading? Do you enjoy the thrill of driving fast vehicles? Or are you just someone looking for the next adrenaline rush? In any case, this is for you!

Here are 10 places where you can rent an ATV in Lebanon to get you that experience of fast off-roading without being restricted by a car’s interior.

#1 ProX Riding Club

Located in Kfardebian, ProX club provides several packages that allow for a new experience of the Lebanese mountains through guided ATV tours.

#2 Polaris Lebanon – Helmets On

With meticulously chosen roads and destinations, Polaris Lebanon is sure to provide you with a thrilling and satisfying ATV experience.

#3 Sky World Lebanon

Located in Zaraaoun, in Kfar Remmen, Sky World has an amazing route for ATV cross-mountain rides that will give you a special view of Lebanon’s western mountains.

#4 Ehden Adventures

Ehden Adventures provides a variety of locations, its most notable location being Kornet El Sawda, the highest point in Lebanon.

#5 Joseph Cedars Club

Located in El Arz, Bsharre, Joseph Cedars Club gives you a unique ATV riding experience, going through the Cedar forests that Lebanon is known for.

#6 Mountain Services & Transport

This is located in Faraya’s Main Square. With powerful ATVs, you’ll have a smooth ride through the mountains and enjoy a breath of fresh air.

#7 ATV Extreme Adventure

ATV Extreme Adventure offers a slightly different experience, with the trips going through river and water areas, providing an exciting journey with a jungle-y feel.

#8 EquiClub Aley

If you have children, you’d want a safe area you can monitor while your kids ride ATVs, and EquiClub Aley provides exactly that, along with food and drinks, and much more exhilarating activities.

#9 Shyrly’s Activities

Located in Barouk, Chouf, Shyrly’s Activities offers refreshing rides through the pine forests of El Chouf, along with an even more refreshing cuisine.

#10 Exploring Lebanon

Exploring Lebanon organizes both full-day ATV trips and normal trips through Mzaar’s mountain areas, a perfect activity to both excite and relax the mind.

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