AUB and Shouf College Offered Scholarships to Alaa Abou Fakhr’s Children

The horrific and unjust death of Lebanese martyr Alaa Abou Fakhr shook the whole nation that went deeply affected and saddened. Alaa was shot to death on the protest ground, fighting for the people’s rights and a better country. That is why Lebanese people took it upon themselves to take care of this hero’s family. The family that lost a member in a horrible manner, and right in front of their eyes.


After the initiative of raising donations for the Abou Fakhr’s family, which has now reached over 50,000$, and the initiative of The961 to also raise funds to support Alaa’s widow with her children, another gesture of care and honor was made today by the American University of Beirut (AUB) and the Shouf National College.

In a humanitarian move, Shouf National College announced that it will sponsor the three children of Alaa Abou Fakhr until their graduation. In its turn, AUB made it public that it will offer university scholarships to the children of the martyr of the revolution. 



Omar, Ghena, and Adib will be granted “the necessary help” to attend AUB, according to AUB President Fadlo Khouri. This isn’t the first time a gesture of the like is made by AUB, as it previously also granted scholarships for another Lebanese martyr’s kids.

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Alaa participated in the revolution so his children could have the decent life that they deserve; this was his number one reason, yet he certainly didn’t expect it to cost him his life, and his absence from his family. The life of his family will never be the same again, but we hope that it will be a little consolation to them that the people, which cause this father gave his life for, have gotten his children’s backs forever.


Protesters also did their role on the ground in honoring Alaa and looking after his kids, especially the oldest Omar who was by his father’s during the unfortunate incident. The protesters in Khalde received Omar on the intersection of the incident with love, pride, and respect. They lifted him on their shoulders, shouted his name, and announced him the leader of the revolution. 

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We wish Alaa’s family, friends and loved ones our deepest condolences. It’s true that nothing can ease the pain in their hearts and souls, or erase this heartbreaking scene from their minds but, hopefully, it’s reassuring to see that his sacrifice is acknowledged and appreciated, as it should be. Rest in peace, Alaa Abou Fakhr.


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