AUB Denies Threatening To Expel Students Over Tuition Fees

AUB | @aubsecularclub

The American University of Beirut (AUB) has denied accusations of the ultimatum it served students who fail to settle their tuition fee payments at the 3,900 LBP exchange rate by March 3rd.

AUB denied what was being said calling the accusations “misinformation”.

“Unfortunately, misinformation has been circulating that AUB intended to expel these students, an accusation we categorically deny,” wrote the administration’s communication office in an email.

However, in the email it previously sent to students, the administration wrote that if students fail to settle payments by March 3rd then students “will be dropped from all [their] courses, and [they] will not be allowed to attended classes, access Moodle, or take examinations.”

It was in response to that email that AUB students took legal action against their university. In a historic legal win, they succeeded in their first lawsuit to protect students who paid their tuitions through a notary public.

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