Opposition Win 18 Out Of 20 Seats At AUB Elections

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The AUB Univeristy Student Faculty Committee (USFC) elections results were released today, with opposition parties taking 18 seats out of the 20 seats, and the traditional parties taking the remaining 2.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • 13 seats for Change Starts Here
  • 5 for Campus Choice
  • 1 for Hezbollah
  • 1 for Syrian Social Nationalist Party

The USFC elections take place every year in AUB. After last year’s results, which had an astounding 15 opposition candidates, this year marks only more success.

The USFC functions as a connection between the students and administration in AUB, in order to make sure students have their rights and needs met properly.

The two opposition blocs that won are Change Starts Here (CSH) and Campus Choice, which is known as Secular Club.

CSH won 3 seats in FAS (Faculty of Arts and Sciences), 3 seats in OSB (Faculty of Business), 4 seats in MSFEA (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture), 1 seat in FHS (Faculty of Health Sciences), 1 seat in FAFS (Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences) and 1 seat in FM (Faculty of Medicine)

As for Secular Club, they took 1 seat in MSFEA, 1 seat in FM, 2 seats in FAS, and 1 seat in FAFS.

The opposition’s victory is the 2nd in a row, after last year, where they took 15 out of the 20 seats.

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