AUB Just Adopted A New logo Recognizing Its Globally Celebrated Identity


The American University of Beirut (AUB) unveiled a new logo with a distinctive look, reaffirming the “university’s core identity” as one of Lebanon’s oldest universities, established in 1866.

The new logo expresses AUB’s and Lebanon’s history and heritage, as reflected in the cedar tree placed in the center of the logo.

AUB also removed Arabic Calligraphy to focus on the Latin influence, as well as to reflect the university’s new venture, as it is opening new campuses in Pafos (Cyprus), and expanding its global reach to North America.

According to AUB’s President, Fadlo R. Khuri, the new logo aims at attracting audiences outside Beirut, removing any incidents of misunderstanding, and making it easier to read across all types of media.

The new logo also changed in color. It now uses the “Berytus Red” color, inspired by Lebanon’s red soils and the “reminiscent of the red wax used with the AUB seal to mark official documents, including diplomas,” as explained by AUB’s President.

In addition, an Arabic typeface is now being created with more adaptable calligraphy than it was used before.

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