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AUB Medical Center And Its Patients Saved By The Community


The situation in Lebanon, particularly in the hospitals, can no longer be described as bizarre or distressing. It is far worse than that. It is, quite literally, fatal; morbidly fatal.

“40 adult patients and 15 children living on respirators will die immediately. 180 people suffering from renal failure will die poisoned after a few days without dialysis.”

The American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) had shared this in its alarming appeal a few days ago at the harrowing fuel shortages,

It is said that death does not have a deadline, but, for those in that hospital, it did until fuel was eventually provided by the community rushing to help.

“AUBMC was faced with an imminent power cut due to the lack of fuel delivery for many days”, the hospital then announced, adding that “fuel suppliers, companies, and citizens” stepped up and provided it with fuel. It now possesses almost a week of reserves.

However, the dilemma has been only postponed rather than solved.

AUBMC points out that “only the Ministries of Defense and Health have attempted to be responsive to the Lebanese hospitals’ repeated and increasingly urgent requests to have their electricity and fuel supplies maintained and prioritized.”

“AUB will do all it takes to get through whatever may come, and its medical center will remain strong in its dedication to the pursuit of improving the health of those in Lebanon and the region,” the institution bravely promised.

“Serving our mission and our people must and will carry us through these dark days to the better days that, working together, we shall ensure will eventually come.”

During the last two weeks, it has become abundantly clear in Lebanon that the hospitals are approaching an imminent collapse, and, unless, the government – whatever that term now entails – is able to step up and alter the situation, the fate of the hospitals and of the country seems to be eerily similar to that of the Titanic.

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AUB Medical Center And Its Patients Saved By The Community

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