August 4 Will Be Declared A National Day Of Mourning In Lebanon


On Friday, caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab approved a draft decree declaring August 4th as a national day of mourning. 

The announcement came during a meeting with families of the Beirut blast victims. It was the first time the families were received by the outgoing premier since the disaster. 

Diab, who had resigned in the wake of the explosion, admitted that state-level corruption was responsible for the blast. 

If declared a national day of mourning, August 4th will be engraved in Lebanon’s history as the day corruption killed its people, although the nation will always remember it as such with or without an official decree.

“I know that this does not do justice to our martyrs, our wounded, or those affected,” Diab said, “but it is a sentimental stance to remember that it was corruption that exploded in the Beirut Port.”

While this is nowhere near enough to bring about closure and justice, there is finally some action from the government – the first step to acknowledging deep-rooted corruption.

It is to note that, while Diab approved the draft of the decree, it still needs approval from President Michel Aoun to take effect. 

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