AUST Students Now Have A Secular Club


The American University of Science and Technology (AUST) is the latest in Lebanese universities to form a student-based secular club.

“In face of sect-based conflicts & crises, students have assembled in favor of education, freedom, and social justice within the Secular Club at AUST,” the club wrote on social media.

Through the club, and with the properties of social justice, secularism, pluralism, and democracy at their core, AUST‘s independent students declare that they will be working towards a free and just society.

While all are suffering in the midst of political, social, and economical issues, this move was welcomed and supported by secular clubs in other universities in the country.

In a time where many young people are forced to leave Lebanon in search of brighter futures, local student-led movements and youth revolutions are gaining popularity.

Once used by political sects as tools to influence public opinion, university students are proving that’s a thing of the past. This is manifested by the increasing number of independent students that won across universities in Lebanon during student council elections.

With a mindset of “there’s nothing left to lose,” combating corruption in an outspoken and audacious way has become the strong point for student-led groups. One example is the AUB Secular Club which sued their university over unfair tuition hikes and emerged victoriously.

Earlier this year, students at the state-run Lebanese University (LU) made history by forming their first-ever secular club.

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