Australia’s number 1 food family is Lebanese!

It is no secret that Lebanese food is among the best in the world! In 2016, Beirut was ranked

best international city for food

by Travel & Leisure. Lebanese food was crowned again today! The Lebanese Shahrouk sisters who are Halla, Houda, Leeann and Rouba won Family Food Fight, an Australian cooking reality television show. The Shahrouk family is the number one food family in Australia!

Family Food Fight is a show where six families compete against each other under high pressure. The food that is cooked is traditional and close to real home cooking. According to


, the Shahrouk sisters and the competing Butler family were asked to cook “a three-course meal for 40 family members plus the judges” in the final stage. The atmosphere in the kitchen was truly Lebanese!

Lebanese families are big, and the Shahrouks are used to cook for 11 people which made their win easier. The Lebanese sisters prepared a mezza plate, lamb kabsa, and znood el sett. We’re sure that the judges had a great time tasting Lebanese food this season! Congratulations!