Australian Vlogger With 3 Million TikTok Followers Is Showing Off His Fun Journey In Lebanon


Jorden Tually, an Australian content creator with almost 3 Million followers on Tiktok, has landed in Lebanon to discover the country’s food and activities.

After accepting a Tiktok challenge to visit a country with delicious food, the 28-year-old headed to Lebanon, which became the 73rd country he had traveled to. The TikTok video has received over 4.7 Million views and counting.

As Jorden vlogs his stay in Lebanon on his Instagram and Tiktok accounts, millions of viewers are tuning in to follow his journey.

On his quest to try Lebanese cuisine, Amar restaurant invited the content creator to try their cuisine.

As he described, this traditional Lebanese meal was one of the best meals he has ever had, and the extensive selection was overwhelmingly impressive.

To follow up on his food journey, Jorden headed to Abou Joseph to try one of the most famous shawarmas in the country.

Courtesy Of @jordentually on IG Stories

To sum up his food adventures, the Tiktoker uploaded a video about the “3 foods you should try before you die – The Lebanese Edition.”

His list included the renowned man’oushe, Lebanese shawarma, and Malak Al Taouk, which turned out to be his favorite fast food place. The video has almost one million views to date.

As part of his travel adventures, Jorden went cliff diving, hiking, and paragliding, a trending activity in Lebanon.

As Jorden said in his vlogs, he met two local Lebanese that helped him in exploring the country and discovering some hidden gems.


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One thing is for sure, the content creator’s vlogs serve as a testament to Lebanon’s richness in food and activities as well as the hospitality of its people.

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